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Question about Testosterone Injections


I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice... If a guy is taking test injections, can it be transmitted to the woman via sperm?? I'm sure it would probably be just a small amount, but maybe enough to show side effects????


Yeah bro don't do it. I used to have a really hot girlfriend, but I boned her on cycle and she ended up growing a penis. I had to dump her. I think she (he?) is filming fetish videos in LA now.




if that was true then gay men who want to start using gear could just find a boyfriend who's already on and save the trouble of sore injection site (in exchange to other soreness)


No, but to deviate slightly from your question: if someone wore testosterone patches then I believe that, in sufficient enough amounts it could be 'transmitted' to the women from skin to skin contact. I THINK testosterone suspension can be absorbed through the skin as well.


So how did that work for ya?