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Question about Test Cyp Dosage Relation to Test Blood Levels

My doc started me on test cyp at 240mg a week (yea I now know that’s high). My test came back at 890 with a really high E2. My question is regarding the correlation of dosage with blood levels. Is it possible that I could lower my dose considerably and still end up with an 890 blood level or is there a relatively linear relationship between dosage and blood levels? Perhaps I could end up with an 890 blood level and just a lower E2 if I lowered the dose? Thanks!

You lower your dosage and both testosterone and estrogen will decrease, what you need is a low dose aromatase inhibitor. How many times are you injecting weekly? Also what’s your SHBG levels? Reason I ask is because if injecting once weekly you could inject more often and keep your testosterone levels, but lower estrogen.

I would keep everything in one thread.

I’m doing 120mg 2x week. I can’t fricking believe how ignorant DR’s so consistently prove themselves to be.

Unless you metabolize your testosterone at a fast rate and are a low SHBG guy, this protocol will end in failure. I’m in the 700 ranges on 50mg twice weekly, 800-900 ranges 25mg EOD. It’s no wonder you’re having problems with estrogen.

High estrogen in men is dangerous. Where are your labs?

I realize now I should have kept all in one thread but here are my labs. Thanks for your input. https://forums.t-nation.com/t/i-think-my-dr-is-an-idiot-would-you-check-this-bloodwork/241682/8 he didn’t take sbhg (?) And I think he used the wrong estradiol test. Sigh

So if the 120mg 2x weekly got me to 839 test then even though it’s a high dose, I prob need it, yes? And just need to add an AI?