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Question about Test Cyp Brands

For months I’ve been taking 100mg of test cyp twice a week. Recently I’ve switched to a smaller local pharmacy from my current Walgreens because my Walgreens was unable to fill a larger bottle for me.
Previously the brand of test cyp was from Sun, now my test is from Cipla. After my third shot of the new brand I’m really not feeling good. Recover is much slower, vascularity decreased, sleep and mood is down a little.
My medication looks very legit, is there any way to verify it or to ensure the dosing is correct? Perhaps I’m being over paranoid? Is it true some people don’t agree well or respond to certain manufactures? The only reason why I switched was because I was injecting twice a week, and using the tiny 200 mg bottles was getting annoying. I was under dosing, over dosing and wasting my medication at times. Thanks!

Is the new brand a different ester than the old brand?

The only thing that might be different is possibly the carrier oil is different. That would be a little unusual, but not out of the question.

No, it’s test cypionate.

I also considered the carrier oil. I’m going to stick it out some. I’ve been training pretty hard lately. Perhaps I’m just not recovering enough and need a few days to really resat and recover. If I continue to get weaker, lose erections and suffer in other areas I’ll ask for some labs from my doctor.

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Pharmaceuticals are under very tight control in the USA. Even stuff produced overseas and shipped to the USA must pass numerous and regular FDA inspections to get and keep certifications. Bottom line is that I doubt the dosage is other than stated on the label. Make sure they did’t accidentally fill your script with 100 mg/mL instead of the more common 200 mg/mL, which are the 2 doses available in the USA.

I think the big pharma brands are pretty consistent as you say. The compounded stuff can vary a lot though. I have heard they are supposed to hold +/- 10%, but often don’t achieve that. The thing I saw tested the concentrations from the big compounders like empower, and some of them were 20% over on some batches and -20% on other batches. That is a 40% swing, and is likely noticeable.


Checked my bottle, it’s a 200mg/ml my pharmacist said it comes from a manufacturer in India.