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Question about Taper


I am currently runing a t 400 cycle just curious if I can use sust for my taper or would it be better to use t 400 to taper with? From what I understand sust would be fine just wondering if it would be better to taper with the same gear? I would like to use up my t400 because it will get me to a 12 weeks if not Iwill have to cut it short so I have some to use in the taper.

Thanks to who ever can give me some info.


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I planned on using the stasis taper. Prisoner mentioned using sustenon in the taper protocol.

I do have some novla you think I would be better off doing a standard PCT with that?


Bbb, if injection frequency with t400(100mg prop, 300mg e) was every 2 days can elaborate on testosterone fluctuation using this compound?