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Question About T-Dawg

Hi, this is my first post here.

I’m one of those guys who struggles to put on muscle mass. This year, thanks to an increase in calories and varying my training routines a lot more, I’ve made some really good mass gains, but I’ve also gotten a bit on the chubby side. I’m currently about 205 lbs (at 5’10"), but I now need to focus on losing some fat (it’s coming up to summer where I live).

I find it fairly easy to drop fat, but the problem in the past has always been that I lose way too much muscle when I diet. I am interested in trying the T-Dawg diet as this site touts it as a good way to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass, but I’m worried that eating so few carbs could result in muscle loss for a guy like me - can anyone provide any feedback on this? Maybe I can try it but play around with the carb amounts a little? Or would another diet altogether be better for my body type?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Well nice sounding progress man. and great choice of a diet to cut IMO.

With such a broad ? I will give just as broad a response and you will have to come back if you have more direct questions and probs for us to help with. If not we could all write books of info not knowing what you need.

I say since keeping your LBM while cuting is your Main goal. then lean toward the high side of intake. Take it slow. 1 lb a week will have you keep most if not all strength/size and on this diet even gain a bit. Nay have even Gained LBM and strength with this and it canm be used to Bilk or live on with some seemless adjustments of K/cal intake. Once again great choice. Just start as its made. give that a two week run and evaluate and see what if any changes are needed./ It is a user friendly diet.

Dont be affraid to tweek it a bit. Some people find that they can up the carbs a bit more on w/o days and get better performance and progress towrd the Lean body mass goal.

Also make SURE to get your good fats and the High amount of protein. Both beinmg VERY important while cutting cals to avoid LBM being used as fuel.

Start out just as it says and be ready to adjust as you need and fire back any questions you have along the way.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the advice man! What you’re suggesting seems like a sensible approach . I will try it out and make adjustments when/if I need to.