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Question About T-Dawg 2.0

Been reading several posts about T-Dawg, but I still have a question.

If you don’t have access to weights, would cardio, sit-ups, push ups, and the like suffice? I doubt it, but I figured I would ask. I’m guessing there is nothing you can do to replac weight training?

It is best if you have access to weights, but there are ways to train without weights. For example try one leg squats.

Check out the MacGyver workout by Thibaudeau:


I would recommend getting some dumbbell bars, and some free weights. These don’t need to be too expensive, nor need to take up much room if properly stacked up.

You can get a decent workout just from dumbbells.

There is nothing that can utterly replae weight training. But you can make do. There are PLENTY home excercises you cn do!
Examples: Pushups for chest, tris, anterior delts.
Ab excercies for the abs of course
Standing calf raises for calves
Sitting on a chair and doing leg extensions and running sprints for your thighs.
If you want to hit your back get a few dumbells and do some reverse flyes.
Want to hit your posterior chain? Do some dumbell deadlifts. Use the same dumbells for shoulders.
Lats…I’m not sure how to do chin ups without a bar…

As far as not doing this stuff…sure you can get results! You’re just going to have to tweak your caloric intake a bit to find what works for you. People tend to think that a diet that diets come in one size fits all and this is not the case. Try the diet and tweak it to fit your needs and the other forumnites and myself will be here to help you along the way.

I hope this helps.