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Question about Syringe Dosage

I need help with my Test dosage. I originally was told to inject 200 once a week but decided on my own to do it 60 twice a week. I’m not sure how much should load into a syringe. In my understanding, 200 ml equals to 1 ml on the syringe. So 60ml would equal to 0.3 on the syringe? It seems to be very little. I am using 3 ml syringe. Why such a big syringe even for 1 ml??

If using an insulin syringe fill syringe to .30 (60mg) or 30 units, everything is double when from a 200mg vial. Purchased 29 gauge insulin syringes and inject in shoulders and quads rotating sites.

Thank You, it is hard to fill the syringe exactly at 0.3 = 60 since it is not an insulin type of syringe.

Is the drew line correct?

I will have to. I used 23 for the first injection into quad and it was quite bloody. Do you need a prescription?

Get 29# 1/2" .5 ml. Units much smaller. Easy to dose exact mg. Order online. Plenty of us companies. No prescription

Your line is in the right spot

Thank you friends, just ordered from amazon.

There should not have been a lot of blood from a 23g needle. Did you do upper outer quadrant of the Quad? Go at a 90 degree angle to the site of injection. NOT 90 angle to the floor and leg. Steer away from areas with visible veins/vessels and dont move the needle while in.

I use to pin with a 21g and it felt like a nail in my leg. 23g feels like heaven. 25g takes quite awhile to plunge completely and I feel like I might break it.