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Question about Synovex Convertion


i’m trying to convert synovex-h in testo propionate with NaOH methode and methanol, and there is the methode than i use:
1-dilution in Heet(methanol) of 10g test(+oestro)
3-recuperate liquid by filtration
2-addition NaOH(1g/ml) 500ml
3-so there is the question: there is instantaneousely very big solid yellow cristals, ALL the liquid become solid !!!(500ml)
what this is ???
4-so then the next sould be wait 1hour
5 add H20 (water). half one hour.
7-washing with very very very much water until ph=7/8 (phmeter)
9-eventually doing a second cristallisation but only with methanol,and then add water.
10- put the cristal in oven 4 hours or more at 75°C (must be very dry)
11- dilution in solution for using (not use solvent, only oil at 100mg/ml)
the dilution in oil can take few days but it’ ok.

so then the question is about 3- what happen here, a chinmist can explain it ? is there a mistake ?

thank you very much


So this is a post from another (easy to find if you type synovex conversion)

I am a chem major and a Modern O-Chem student.
First- problem with the recrystillization method. Yes weight to weight you have 10:1 test:estrogen BUT the estrogen if 5 times LESS soluble in methanol SO this method sounds good if both solubilities were the same, but in reality you would end up with a lot of estrogen in you crystals, even after many recrystillizations.

2- NaOH for one hour WILL work to remove the Benzoate ester from estrogen, but leave MOST of the propionate ester on the test.
How? Why? The Oxygen we are trying to hydrolize on the estrogen ester is 2nd degree allylic- very reactive! The test propionate ester’s oxygen is just 2nd degree- not nearly as reactive. So the science is this, if you leave in the saturated NaOH solution for one hour it will attack all of the benzoate esters quickly (and also some of the prop esters, but much more slowely). This leaves you with mostly esterdoil salt (sol in H2O) some test salt (aka test base, sol in H20) AND test prop with some small amount of estrogen benzoate left. NOT TO Worry!

Now that we have taken care of MOST of the estrogen benzoate we can use the recrystallization method on the first page of this post to make test prop crystals that are very clean.

Why? How? Because as the first re-cryst. poster said, we have 10:1 test:estro. so the test will precipitate out first as it will be saturated in solution first if we add water. Since we removed most of the estrogen benzoate with our saponification (ie NaOH reaction) we now hove a solution that is 100:1 or even 1000:1 test:estrogen.

So I do the following… I will be brief as most of this info is already on here and you can piece it together.

Disolve in HEET, Filter.

Add Conc. NaOH to filtrate for one hour.
Add COLD distilled water dropwise to precipitate test prop crystals (test base is sol. in water, so we will loss that, but I would rather have the prop myself) 500ml of cold water will suffice, filter crystals, rinse with copious amounts of COLD COLD COLD distilled water.

Now… we have a ton of test prop with respect to estrogen benzoate SO

re-crystallize… disolve the crystals above in HEET. Warm this up a little and add COLD distilled water again. due to the very high ratio of Test:estro we are making essentially PURE test prop this time. Filter.

Now you could do this again or just dry your crystals. I do 3 total crystallizations, including the first. Each time you do it you ae cutting the small amount of estrogen down. No method, no kit nothing will remove 100% of the estrogen, but at this point your body will make much more aromatizing the test then you will have in your pin. Basic precautions and good PCT, which you should always use anyway, will make this a non-issue.

Long story short… the NaOH method for one hour will make test prop (or any STRONG base/ Good Nucleophile for that matter)due to the reactivity of allylic oxygen. This is good for a solid 75% to 80% yeild (loss in each filtration and container transfer). Concidering 20g test prop costs about $85 thats a shit load of prop cheap when your done.

i think i not have use enough NaOH, 500ml at 1g/ml is good for only 5g of testo, but the reaction with NaOH seems to be the only good way for a properly work conversion.

the question is about how many methanol, how many NaOH and how many water must be used for the cristallisation ?