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Question About Surgery

I am scheduled for an upcoming shoulder operation (torn labrum and potential supraspanatis (sp?) tear). I know from my previous operations that I will not be doing much lifting at all for 6 months.

My question is would it be better for me to go into this time period as lean as I can be or should I keep trying to put on more muscle until the roll me into the ER?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Well clearly if you need surgery on that area you almost cannot do anything upper body. You certainly dont want to aggravate anything. I suppose some leg machine stuff is ok but I’d still be extremely careful the body tends to get tight up top even if you’re doing leg curls or seated calf raises. How far away is your surgery?

I can lift upper body, the issue is more in being limited in what I can do (no overhead pressing, limited bench/incline, etc) and getting tired of dealing with pain and dislocations.

Surgery is in November.

November why so far off? If you’re getting tired of pain and dislocations stop doing things that cause it. You need to re-evaluate if you really can lift upper body if you are getting all these pains and issues.