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Question About Surge


Hi, I have a question on Surge: according to Surge's direction I will need 2 scoops of Surge, but I have read some where on this forum that I can take 1 scoop of Surge with 1 scoop of regular Whey protein. So can I mix 1 scoop of Surge with 1 scoop of Whey as my PW drink?

BTW, I also have Metabolic Drive protein Bars, and I love the stuff. I already finish the whole box 18 of them in about a week. My question is, is the bar ok to eat all the time, like Grow!, Meal replacement and as snack? Would it be too fatty?


I haven't read that, so I can't verify. I've been getting fine results in recovery from my 2.5 scoops of Surge immediately post-workout. I did some experimenting with 2 scoop during the workout, and 1 scoop after, but I feel better taking the whole thing afterwards. Surge was designed specifically to do a job. Taking it as directed seems to make sense, to me. If mixing a scoop of Surge with a scoop of whey was outstandingly better, I'm sure it would've been made that way originally.

"Too fatty" is a very vague and misleading term. Technically, both choices are low in fat content. However, the Metabolic Drive bars are more calorically dense, offer more fiber, carbs, and total calories (compared to a single scoop of Metabolic Drive powder). As long as you calculate the calories into your daily totaly, you should have no trouble eating as many as you want.

With that said, however, I generally try to limit myself to no more than 2 bars per day, and/or a total of 4 or 5 scoops of protein powder. It's pretty much a personal choice, but I want to be sure to get in an adequate amount of whole food.


Nobody understands Surge. It is hydro whey, VERY fast. Normal whey; not so fast. However, you could always use 1 scoop of hydro whey and 1 scoop Surge but you'll get less dextrose/maltodex.


Yeah, I remember reading someone was doing something like you mentioned.

However, I'm sure it was explained that doing so changes the level of post-workout optimization you'll achieve.

Surge was designed to achieve specific results.


Let it be known however, that you could VERY easily make your own Surge albeit a very icky tasting and poor mixing version. To get the same effects, mix the same amounts of hydrowhey, BCAAs, dextrose, and maltodex as in Surge together. That is what Surge is.

Nonetheless, Surge is like... a cadillac. Sure, the performance may not beat that corvette or camaro or whatever, but it certainly turns heads and looks a lot classier.


I make my own car parts...god knows Ive royally screwed some parts up in the past, cant see myself making my own supplements for that very reason.