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Question about Surge Workout Fuel


Is the Surge Workout Fuel a protein powder?


Is it that hard to look at the ingredients?


I couldn't find the page with the ingredients. Thought they took it down. How do I find it?


The active ingredients are listed in the article.

I dont think youre going to find a list of how many grams or milligrams of each item are inside.


No. Surge Recovery has protein though


Wait. The write up for Workout Fuel says it has Mag-10 in it. So it has protein in it. But I agree that it is not a protein powder, as they are typically known.


Yeah, if you use Surge as you would standard whey protein you will likely gain a lot of fat. Not to mention waste a fuck load of money.


The label states it has no protein in it.


oooo....... sugar.... Lots of it... evil sugar... lol


Different MAG-10.

SWF has the "MAG-10 Anaerobic Amplifier," MAG-10/ANACONDA have "MAG-10 Anabolic Pulse." Both formulas contain leucine, only the MAG-10/ANACONDA have a full amino acid profile (in the form of casein hydrolysate).


gotcha. this is why I dont talk about stuff I dont use lol.

Silly marketing plan, IMO, to use the same name to describe a pro-hormone (10 years ago), a leucine product, and a casein hydro product. But then again, Ill never own a sucessful business.