Question About Strength Compounds

I know few if any on here are fans of superdrol, but as far as for strength I have talked to a lot of people who like it better than other orals for strength cycles.

For example, one cycle that a top level lifter told me was basically like this
1000mg Test E per week( biweekly injections)
750mg Tren E per week ( Biweekly injections)
Then the last 4-6 weeks of the cycle leading up to a meet add an oral in.

The common orals, dbol, drol, ect, are mainstays, but he was telling me that for strength superdrol is even better for some people, and he said there is less weight gain compared to most other orals.

I was just wondering why many of you guys dislike superdrol so much? Is it just that it is not as thoroughly researched and is not as safe?

Just curious as to what you guys think about it.

Also on outlaws powerlifting they recently ranked strength compounds. Most people had something like this.

  1. Tren
  2. Test Suspension
  3. Sust
  4. Mast
  5. Superdrol
  6. Anadrol
  7. Dbol
  8. Winstrol

Curious as to how you guys would rank strength compounds as well.

From my personal experience:


Everything else

I’m shocked that halo isn’t on that list. Additionally, most PL’ers I know avoid Winstrol like the plague out of fear of joint issues.