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Question about Starting Clomid


Recently just finished a 8 week cycle of 500mg test 400 mast (mast was a waste I wasn't lean enough but you live and learn) My last pin will be two weeks ago this coming Thursday and normally that's when I would begin clomid but I had a small amount of Epistane/hexadrone left over (enough for 20mg epi/ 40mg hex everyday for about 10 days) and I will run out of that on Thursday. To be honesty I know the test as just about gotten out of my system, I can usually tell because I don't really feel as great and my water is definitely down (which epi expedites). So my question is will I be able to start clomid 24 hrs after my last epi or do I need to wait a little longer, was hoping someone would have some advice on this.

Clomid will be 50/25/12.5 (Used this last time and It worked just great). My last two pins of test the final week were actually only 125mg ea I found coming off to be a little easier this way...

next cycle I'm taking it light

and winny weeks 5-12 @ 50mg
caber and adex twice a week

Thanks in advance for the advice Id like to get on the clomid asap