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Question about Starting a Training Log


I’m looking at starting my first training log, mostly for keeping track of everything in one place and something to look back over. Nothing major, just a little something to keep me motivated and track my progress.

My question is - I don’t see any mention of AAS usage on other training logs, I’m guessing that’s against the forum rules?. I know I can create a log in the pharma section, but I like the layout better on the training log section. Is it possible to create a training log and have my pharma linked to it- in the same way I see people linking there transformation logs to there training logs?

Would like to get setup for the 1st Jan to also start the transformation 2019 project. My knowledge on forums and posting is very limited. So is it possible to have a training log with a pharma section linked, and if so how to link other logs. Cheers



You can use the little chain on the text box to link your logs.


Definitely not against the rules. Some guys do mention their cycles in their training logs, with other guys it’s sort of understood they’re running something based off their previous posts.

Not really sure what you mean about linking a pharma section, but for sure you can start a log in the Training Logs forum and post about whatever you’re doing. If you have a separate thread in Pharma where you’ve asked particular questions, you can post a link to it in one of your training log’s posts so folks have more context.


Understood, I’ll keep everything in the one log. That’s what I’d prefer anyway, just wasn’t sure about the rules. Aiming to get a few before pics to start the 2019 transformation. One day to go.


Sounds good. Yep, definitely get those Before pics in ASAP.


Another quick fire question regarding uploading pictures. Do pictures have to be resized?, or do they automatically fit to size?. I’m hesitant to upload a picture that takes up the entire screen lol. These pictures are standard straight off an iPhone.


They should be fine straight from your iPhone. I have never had to resize.


thanks @ChickenLittle