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Question About Squats and Cleans...

hey guys, right now im doing bill starrs 5x5 program. i changed squats with front squats because of my back and changed out barbell rows with power cleans. could i count the squats i do from cleaning or would you guys say i should do my 5 sets of squats, then also the power cleans? i hope that made sense lol.

If I’m reading this right, you want to know if power cleaning would take care of the front squats you want to do?

The answer is no. You don’t catch power cleans in the bottom as you would with a regular clean. Although you might go to around a quarter squat to catch it, it doesn’t count as squatting.

well i may have my cleans confused, but the ones i do… i grab off the floor, clean into a full squat pretty much ass to heels, then up.

That’s just a regular clean then. Do power cleans and front squats as the program calls for. You won’t get enough poundage on the cleans to really count it as a squat session.