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Question About Spike


I ordered some Spike and started taking it last week. I am just curious as to when this stuff is supposed to kick in? I get up at 4am and go to the gym. If I take it at 4am and am at the gym before 4:30am, my work out lasts between 1 hour and 1.5 hours, am I just not giving it enough of time to work?

After that I go for a full day of school / hospital and get home at around 6 or 7pm. I go to bed around 9 or 10pm. I have yet to feel anything. Or am I just streched too thin and I am not going to feel anything with my scheduale the way it is?


You're definitely not getting enough sleep. When I'm overtired Spike just makes me feel "normal". Try taking it on an empty stomach, if you haven't already.

What are you expecting to feel? It's not like your typical energy supplement. It gives you more of a heightened mental acuity. Thinking about it makes me want to order some. Dammit.


I do take it on an empty stomach, maybe I should try two?
I would like to not yawn through my workouts and when I get home feel like I want to crawl back into bed. I usually do ok through the rest of the day, but any extra kind of energy would not hurt. I can't do anything about the sleep right now, I can sleep next year.
I used to take Stackers, way back when, and perhaps that was the effect I was expecting, and I am actaully happy they don't give me that same affect, looking back that was not fun.
I will try to take better notice if they heighten my mental acuity whie I am in school. If they do I swear I will buy the tshirt and advertise for them :slight_smile:


Hahaha, I have the shirt. =p Yeah, I'm cool.

Definitely try two. That's my preferred dose.


Your lack of energy may be your diet. What are you eating at 4am before you go to the gym?


If you are going to bed around 10p, then you're probably not falling asleep until after that. And, you're getting up at 4:30a.

That equals 6.5 hours of sleep, at the most. If you have trouble falling asleep, or you are up a little later than normal, now you have less.

Get 9 hours of sleep and then see how you feel.


If I eat anything it is usually fruit. It does not set well with my stomach to work out when I'm full.


I am usually asleep with in 5 mins of lying down. It's not so much that I am up partying or anything. Between studying, eating dinner, showering, you know, general stuff I end up getting to bed around 9 or 10. I simply do not have time for 9 hours of sleep.


You might try throwing some ZMA in your mix. Like you I'm always a little short on sleep but it helps me feel more rested after 6 hours than without it


Try some Surge for breakfast. Even if you drink half of it on your way to the gym, and sip the rest during your workout, you'll still be fueling your muscles as you work out.

It'd be way better than working out fasted.

As for the Spike, try two, or try the Spike Shooters.


OK then, so here is the plan...
Don't sleep at all! Instead get a job during the time when I would normally succumb to sleep so I can afford to buy all the Biotest products I need to be more alert when I'm awake...

ROFL!!! As much as I would love to be able to follow some of your suggestions, I just can't afford to while I am in school.
I am going to go w/ the the 2 Spike though and see how that works. I'll keep you updated :wink:


So if you're going to be an ass about the suggestions you get, why even bother asking the question?

The simple fact is you would probably have more energy if you actually ate something before you go to the gym. Who works out on an empty stomach? That's stupid.


I meant that remark jokingly, thus the whole "ROFL" bit.
I also didn't make any joking comments about your suggestion to eat except for the fact that I do. If you are trying to say I don't eat enough before going to the gym, well you could say that instead of saying that it was "stupid"
I'll try not to joke or laugh if it makes you so upset...


Taking it on an empty stomach makes it more intense, but it doesn't last as long.
Most people "feel" it immediately, within minutes, especially if the stomach is empty.

OTOH, working out fasted sucks.


I have yet to feel anything when I take Spike and I have taken it with food and without. I just ended up coming down with a head cold so I am going to wait until I am feeling more myself before taking it again.
Yeah, working out fasted isn't so good, not tosay I haven't done it, but it is still not good.
I made up some protien bars to help me get some food in me before I go to the gym.
Thanks for your help!


Take 2 Spike tabs with 6-8 oz of grapefruit juice. This works fantastic for me.


That might work out well for me, though I would prefer to take them w/ some actual grapefruit. That is a good suggestion, when I am back to feeling not sick I will keep this thread updated with if I ever saw any results from takeing the Spike. Thanks!


have you tried drinking a little coffee in the morning. One cup get me going with out the jitters. If I then take a Spike, I ready to go. Sometimes this is even a little too much for me.


if i have a bad breakout of acne in the morning, sometimes ill do a barbell complex on an empty stomach to get a sweat before i shower and it helps my skin, also good cardio.

makes me want to puke though


Last week I did Spike at 4am, did my workout and then on the way into school at 7:30am I felt like I was going to fall asleep so I stopped for a fat free triple latte, that is 3 shots of expresso, and I still wanted to fall asleep. LOL!

Maybe I over did it on the stimulents the first time I went to college and have built up a tolerence. I hope not, b/c that would suck.