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Question about Spike

Hi all,
Just received Spike in the mail a couple of days ago. Since there were many warnings about not taking more than one tablet if I hadn’t used it previously, I started by taking one tablet on the first day, at around 5pm. I then went for my workout at around 6.30. Unfortunately, I did not feel any effect while doing my Chest/Triceps workout.

Since this was on a Saturday and I wasn’t going to work out on Sunday, I didn’t take a pill yesterday.

I’m thinking of taking it today since I’m going to be doing by Back/Biceps workout. Should I take two today or stick to one? Thanks!

Generally, it is best to take it at a particular dosage for a few days in a row. So, start with 1 tab a day, 3-4 days in a row.

No effect?

Take a day off (that’s what I’d do), then restart at 2 tabs a day.

I would not take stimulants for more than a week straight without taking at least a week off. But, I like to be cautious.

I never liked taking stimulants daily, unless cutting or something. For me it’s more of a ‘take it when you need it’ kind of thing. I say, if one didn’t work, try two. You could just be a little tolerant of stimulants.

I like to take it on my 1/2 empty stomach before I go train. I do it like this:

3:30 Meal
4:30 Spike!
5:00 Train/Workout shake

I don’t “feel it” as much as I do notice that I’m not draggin ass or feeling tired at the end of my workout.

I’ve only taken 2 pills a few times; but I’m around the 180-190lbs area at the time.

It all depends on your sensativity to stimulants. I’ve taken 2 HOT-ROX Extreme, and 2 spike tabs an hour later before I train…no ill affects. Usually helps me power through a tough lower body/back work out. Tons of Deadlifts and Squats baby!! Literally.

Seriously though listen to the others here…take it slow until you find what works for you. We’re all different.


Alright, back after my workout (took 2 pills about 30 mins before leaving). I felt a kind of a buzz/spring in my feet which is similar to what I have on my really really good days. Seems very useful for those days when I’m feeling down. Thanks for the replies!