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Question About Soreness


I've noticed that my first and second (current) cycle, I have had increased soreness at the beginning of the cycle.

My current run is Test P at 700mg a week. About 6 days into it, I've noticed that my muscles are more sore than normal the day after that body part is trained.

I haven't changed my training much, I was going to wait another week or two to up the volume if it felt like I needed to.

Does this happen to everyone, or am I just a weirdo? If it always happens, why?


Increased DOMS or injection soreness?

Assuming DOMS, i would hazard a guess at an increased training intensity.

However an increased intensity based on 'knowing' you are on without actually having got the increased recovery yet.

OR.. simply the increase in intensity which will take time to adapt to whether you have improved recovery or not.


My guess: you're training harder before the test really has a chance to begin its anabolic function.

Also, I've noticed this some with myself and a lot with others: shit goes on all the time with our bodies. Little crap shows up constantly. However, if it happens while we are on, we attribute it to the drug(s). ex. Sometimes we get skin irritations. If we get skin irritations when "on", we will say "gear tends to irritate my skin".

Just a thought.


Dammit... Brooks post hadn't appeared yet. Thunder is stolen.


DOMS, not injection soreness, this is uniform throughout muscles that were worked the day before. I did back yesterday, it's still sore, and I don't do any injections into my back.

I only attribute it to drugs because this doesn't randomly happen when I'm off cycle. I might have one sore day every now and then, but not a whole week of soreness.

I may have subconsciously increased my intensity, but I'd like to think I'm always pushing hard.

I was just curious, we'll see how it goes.


It is VERY common for newer users to SIGNIFICANTLY increase intensity of effort when beginning a steroid cycle.

As this is your second cycle i would have to say i doubt that you train the same off cycle as you do on cycle*.

*or when you begin a cycle (due to the placebo/Pavolv's dog effect that takes place when you KNOW something will exert a specific effect).