Question About SLRDL

Just wanted to get a consensus feel about how to best approach RDL, particularly the SLRDL; in what way does it alter or change the focus of the exercise if you either widen or narrow your grip or stance?

I have been doing SLRDL for a couple years now, with feet close together, almost touching, and a very narrow grip as well. Recently I tried switching to a more wide stance about shoulder width or just slightly less.

The SLRDL has always been a staple in my routines. I have never tried much variation in stance or grip but the idea is interesting. Good Luck!

Kai Green mentioned how he tries to point his toes slightly inward in attempt to target his outer hams. Tried it myself and it just felt awkward.


I personally believe, after watching various people performing this exercise, as well as myself, that this is an individual issue. I mean, the WHOLE movement is individual, IMO. This includes foot position, HOW far you need to “stretch,” requirement for locking out, width of hand placement, etc.

Do the exercise in such a fashion that makes your hammies feel like they’re going to freaking rip off your bones when performing. That’s the most important positioning of all.