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Question about Skinfold Calipering


I’m looking for any women who regularly track their body fat percentage via calipers using the standard 3 or 7 site measurements. I’m trying to determine what the typical ordering of sites from largest to smallest for females would be. I know for women, typically the largest skin fold will be the one taken on the quadricep. Beyond that though, I’m not really able to find any information on this. For the ladies here that regularly caliper, what tends to be your second highest skinfold? Abdominals?


I have a competitor I am coaching, but I think all competitors might be different. For my client her largest numbers come from her thigh area and than her Tricep area.

Her navel comes in at about 2.8 on a regular basis. Her Suprailiac comes in at about 1.7/1.8 on a regular basis.

I hope this helps you.