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Question About Skillet Cooking


Quick question...

Is it ok to cook pork chops, steaks, etc. in a skillet with Pam spray? How much different (if at all) is this than cooking them in the Foreman grill? I know cooking them in oil can't be good, but is Pam ok?



Olive oil, my friend.




Nate brace yourself for the posts telling you that olive oil is bad to fry with because of its...guess it would be called low smoke point...or whatever you call the point the stuff oxidizes. OPtions for frying in general (not specific to this post):

--small amount butter (oh the horror)
--coconut oil
--Canola oil? This may have higher oxidizing point (I'm sure someone will chime in with the answer.

or perhaps use low to moderate heat and use olive oil.


I'd vote on the coconut oil.


I vote for a non stick pan and NO added fat at all. Maybe a light bit of Pam if needed and add the good fats Later, ontop, with ther veggies etc.

I dont understand why people have it stuck in thier head they have to pan fry with added oil?? Hmm.


i think considering your fry fat as a source of dietary fat as a whole is kinda pointless. for one the heating pretty much destroys it . for two if you're sautee-ing , or even full on frying correctly, the food will absorb very, very little fat anyway. personally,nothing beats butter for meat. safflower oil for stir fry.

otherwise get a cast iron grill-pan. one spray of pam right on the meat. there ya go. hope you got a good hood.


Touche. Thanks.



Thanks for the help, guys!


Rather than pan fry anything, I spray steak/chops/fish with a bit of olive oil, throw on salt, pepper, Emeril's seasoning and stick the food in the pan (don't use non stick) under the broiler in the oven. The excess fat drips off and the high heat seals in the moisture and gives the outside of the meat a nice crust. Just like an outdoor grill. Be careful though, use a fan to vent off any smoke so you don't set off the smoke alarms.