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Question About Shows and Polygraph Drug Test

Long story short; I saw a flyer in my gym for a series of regional shows coming up this year. I have always thought about doing a show but until recently never had the results or confidence to seriously think about it. There is a “Open” show in about six months. I was thinking that gave me some time to prepare and throw my hat in the ring. When I went to the website to see the regulations for the classic physique I downloaded an entry form with rules. It said there would be random drug testing done via a polygraph at check in. I then noticed that the form was for the natural show or at least had “natural” as the first word in the name of the show. The website only has the forms for the “natural” show available right now so I do not know if they drug test at the “open” show.

My question is do they only do the polygraph drug test for the natural shows? Is drug screening standard fair at all shows? I have cycled before and don’t want to waist my entry fee money if that disqualifies me. Does anyone know what kinds of questions they ask?

Different federations have different requirements about how long you have to be off gear for natural shows, others require you to be “lifetime natural”. Just ask them, and if it doesn’t fit your situation, look for another competition.

Your threat in the pharma section suggests you haven’t just “cycled before” but are still using, so just don’t be a dick and don’t try to do a show that’s tested. I can’t imagine it would be terribly hard to get through a polygraph test, but that shouldn’t be the main concern here.

Just write an email to the person organizing the show(s), they’ll be able to tell you more than people who don’t even know what show it is.

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Like ‘Sharpe pointet out it it can be very different based on promoter, federation etc.

Most of the stricter feds have a 7 year standard, meaning if you’re one of countless individuals who sampled PEDs at one point and then decided they’re not for you, you’re not banned forever.

What show/federation are you looking at?


I do not want to do the natural show at all. I thought the only one I would be eligible for would be the open. It’s just that only the forms for the natural show are up on the site. The contact us link didn’t have a clear general questions link so I figured this forum was the safer way to ask. There’s no way I could go to the natural show it would be to obvious.

It’s NPC I do not think it’s that big, all the shows are here in the state.

They have a super heavy weight so I would assume that regular shows are not drug screened but idk. I have no idea how any of this works.