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Question About Shoulder Pain


Not sure what section to ask this in, but i have had a pain in the rear of my left,inner part of the shoulder for awhile and it seems to be getting worse. I haven't even done chest or shoulders in over two weeks. I have been icing it and trying to stretch it out everyday, but that doesn't seem to help. I've been trying not to use it at all lately, but my job requires me to lift heavy boxes sometimes. Right now i've just been doing legs at the gym.

I want to go see a doctor, but i'm just curious if this is something i would go see a family practice doctor for or a specialist? I have a feeling my regular family doctor won't know too much about it. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.


Sounds like you might want to go to an exercise physical therapist. Sometimes you can get appointments with them directly, other times you need a physician or a trainer that has ties to refer you.

Honestly, if I had joint pain for that long that wasn't getting better on it's own with rest and ice, that's what I would do.


Hey man,

I had a similar problem to you just recently, was caused by some muscle imbalances, some being stronger than others.

Most importantly you just need to make an appointment with a physio therapist (At least that's what they call them in Australia).

Put your mind at ease and get this licked before it turns into a real problem for you and you have to take time off lifting.

Seriously, I was freaking out, but as soon as I went they diagnosed me, gave me stretching and exercises to do, and by the end of the week I was back in the gym lifting heavier than before.

It's your body we're talking about, don't mess around with the forums, just get to a physio pronto!


don't stretch out a fucked up shoulder joint. never stretch out when it could be an impingement or a ligament issue. you can only make it worse. stretching when a muscle is sore is good, stretching when there is pain is bad.

when does it hurt? does it hurt to sleep on it? does it hurt when you stick your hand straight up in the air? Would it hurt if you did a front raise with a 5lb DB?

best thing to do is go to your family practioner and he/she will have no idea what to do and refer you to a physical therapist.

but honestly, the physical therapist will probably just tell you to lay off it and do very very very light stretches if there is no pain. unless of course you have a serious problem but i doubt that considering you can still work and lift heavy boxes. Still wouldn't hurt to go to your doctor and then see a physical therapist.

if you think it is a ligament then the best thing to do is just rest and ice and wait for your body to heal it

how long has your shoulder been hurting?


With all due respect, the only person who should be telling him whether to stretch or not is a physio therapist.

OP - I doubt you can self diagnose whether it's a muscle or a ligament, rotator cuff, blah blah blah. And I wouldn't even try to strike up a debate about whether your problem is soft tissue related or not, it's pointless unless you're face to face with a professional.

Just bite the bullet and see a physio, whatever the outcome at least you'll have a starting point.

Look after yourself if you want to keep liftin!


for now it is best to not stretch


You know, it just occured to me how often I see threads like this. Typically, they are posted by Americans. Are you American, strungoutboy?

It occured to me also that maybe it's because America's health care system sucks.

Now, ours isn't perfect, but it's not bad.

If I have a sore shoulder, I ring up my local GP. They can usually get me in within a day. Or two at the most. Sometimes they run behind. Today I had to wait 45 minutes. If you don't have a job, the goverment pays for your appointment. If you do have a job, you make the payment, then Medicare (the government) gives you an immediate rebate- you walk around the corner and generally get about 70% back. If the GP can't help you, they give you a refferal to a specialist that can. Generally this can take a few weeks, depending on what type of specialist. Some have enourmous waiting lists, this is true. Quite often these specialists work at the local public hospital. So you get treated as an out-patitient. So again, the government pays for your care.

If you happen to have a well enough paying job then you can of course get private health insurance. Which means better doctors (because they are better paid), nicer shinier hospitals, shorter waiting lists. Etc.

Either way, whether employed, unemployed or a rich bitch, you have a medical problem, you go see a doctor who can help you.

Now I'm not totally clear on the situation in the land of the free, home of the brave- but I'm guessing it must be a whole lot more of a pain to get medical care. Otherwise wouldn't you just go see a damn doctor instead of asking people with very little medical experience on a muscle-building website?

I'm sorry, this rant isn't really focused just at you. And I really am sorry if the public health care system does suck there. But really. It's your body. You only have one.

Go see a doctor.