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Question about Sheiko 37


Does anybody know what this means

Squats �??Scissors�?? 5+5Х5.

I don’t know what scissors are or what the 5+ means either.
If anyone has another copy of Sheiko 37 that gives a different name for that lift or can explain what it means it would be helpful.


Hey BartBurnt,

I think it means lunges and by the 5+5 i think it just means 5 reps on each leg.

That sounds logical. Thanks for the help

I think I will prob just put 1-leg squats in on this part. I am trying to stick as close to sheiko routine as possible except for bumping some of the percentages

Could be split-squats depending on the program. Doesnt really matter, Lunges or split-squats, pick whatever you prefer.

I agree with redroast, I don’t think it’s a big deal either exercise you coose; lunges or split squats… Maybe choose the one you’re worse at?