Question about SHBG Numbers

Hi,just had a question about SHGB levels.At what number is considered getting low which would require everyday or eod dosing for optimal results,and what would be the SHGB number range making 2x weekly injections a good option.Thanks

There are no strict guidelines, but if a person with shbg below 40 is going to start trt I would advise at least 3 times per week injection, and below 25 I would do every day only. These are only rough guides and there are exceptions

Why 3x weekly with a 4 shbg and ed with a 25 shbg?I thought that the lower the shbg was the greater the injection frequentcy for best results.Am I wrong on this?

Typo, I meant 40 sorry


Don’t base anything on your SHBG. Pick a protocol, use it for at least 8 weeks, adjust as necessary based on how you feel. Most guys don’t even know what their SHBG is, and it’s fairly irrelevant. Mine was checked once, I have no idea what it was off the top of my head, and it has no impact on anything. People just like to invent guidelines so they clutch at straws, like the level of something with two half-lives that is in constant flux. You might as well dose based on current air particle count in your living room.