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Question About Set/Rep Bible


I read through all the pages of comments on the article, and didn't find an answer that directly adressed this to my satisfaction. Hopefully some of you all can help me out here.

I want to make sure I'm in the "Maximal Hypertrophy Range." This means a set/rep volume of 36-50. I'm also doing a 3-day-a-week full-body routine where I hit a big compound push/pull/legs movement plus one or two accessory exercises.

So say Tuesday I do flat bench for 4x7, for a volume of 28. Then Friday I do incline bench at 4x7 again, for a volume of 28. then Sunday I do decline for 4x7. Does this count as a set/rep volume of 84, or do I count each day individually?

If each day counts individually for the purposes of volume, then I definitely need to bump up my volume to be in the appropriate range, don't I? I'd have to add another set or drop weight a bit.

What I'm getting at is that I'm confused as to the time period in which the volume needs to be achieved.

If I were doing a split routine, I could theoretically have a chest day where I do flat, incline, decline bench for 4x7 and a volume of 84 in one day, then wait a week and do it again. In my full-body routine, however, I still get about 84 but it's spread over 3 workouts.

Thanks for the help.


You should be using different sets/reps for each day rather than doing 4x7 each time. You'll want more variety. Look at some of Waterbury's programs and you'll see how he varies the sets/reps each time you train the same muscle group.


yeah i think if you keep picking the same set/rep schemes and intensity levels(% of 1RM) you'll mess yourself up you need to vary it. Oh and the so-called "Bible of Hypertrophy Range" is per workout.


Okay, good replies. Thanks.
So I should do maybe 4x111 one workout, 5x8 another, and 8x5 the next? What that kind of rotation work?


Count each workout individually.
Try this.