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Question about Sales Commission

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:
I’ve been in medical sales for some time. I’ve never had a flat commission drop, but I’ve had caps imposed for quarters where I’ve exceeded forecasts substantially (ie: my commission went from uncapped to capped). It sucked, but in my field the base salary makes up a huge part of the total compensation package.

This is not uncommon. In Pharma/Device at least, lots of the big players will cap and drop commission packages, even in years where they’ve done extremely well.

As an aside, would respectfully disagree with the “if you can sell, you can sell” position of another poster. There are of course personality traits that can assist anyone in sales (ie: friendliness, general likeability), but in my experience, the more complex a product is, the more that a consultative sales approach is required, which is a completely different skill-set than you usually find with simpler products. I wouldn’t last a single day on a used car lot, and similarly, most used car salesmen wouldn’t last a day selling to physicians. [/quote]

THIS is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

And I agree, the more technical the product, the more technical abilities you need.

And I can see that they would cap commissions. If my sales doubled or something I would not expect to receive as high of a commission; however, I do not think that our increase in sales justifies lowering the commission.

[quote]orion wrote:
Also, you look young.

If every two bit mini Machiavelli can ride you like Zorro now, what are you going to do if you have a wife, kids and a mortgage?

Its a bad habit, dont let it get a hold of you. [/quote]

I’m 28, and yes I agree.