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Question about Rows

…the question are

1-when you should row heavy? …in deadlift day or in bench days(in heavy bech day or in bench accessory work day)…?

2-when your rowing for a bigger bench …how wide should be the grip…

…to give an idea of how strong iam…last week i did bent over rows with 120kg for a set of 6

andf did db rows with a 140 without straps for sets of 11-12

  1. There is not set day to row. It all depends if you can put forth the intensity on that day or not. For me, I am unable to do rows when I DL because I have no gas in the tank. It just all depends on how you feel. If you are feeling strong that day, gas in the tank, go for it.

  2. Vary the grip. I say this because when I bench I keep everything tucked in pretty tight so it has benefited me to do a majority of rows with a closer grip. However, I change things up at least once per month to try to prevent muscle inbalance.

Don’t get caught up in the structured plan of doing Rows on a certain day. Hell, If I feel like doing rows on that day, I will crank out a few sets. go with how you recover and how your body feels. My back needs volume and heavy weight you just gotta see how your body reacts.

Just make sure you don’t row the day before deadlifts. Did that this week, since my lifting schedules a little messed up from the thanksgiving break to finals week transition.