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Question About Rest Week/Deload Week



First of all, thanks for all the info on the forum. The books and the forum have been a great help to getting to understand the program a little bit better.

I still have a question about taking a week off.

I am going on a holiday for one week with (probably) no access to weights. Although I will be training BJJ a couple of times next week. Next was also meant to be my deload week for the 2 day schedule.

If I have no access to any weights, should I do the deload week after next week and then start the new cycle. Or should I take a week off and start the next cycle immediately.

Many thanks in advance for the help!


A week isn’t too big of a deal in my opinion, but it would be wise to do something. Jim has mentioned bodyweight stuff you can do while you’re away. Look into that.


You are doing BJJ - no need to train. Just pick up on a new cycle when you get back.


Thanks for the quick answers!