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Question about Recovery


As long as two lifts don't use almost all of the same muscles, does your body recover from them independently?

For example: Let's say you do deadlifts and bench press on Monday. On Wednesday, you know you're recovered from the bench and you're ready to PR again. However, you're still recovering from the deadlifts and need to do a lighter load recovery workout to get ready for a deadlift PR on friday. Is it reasonable to segregate their intensity levels in this manner?


No they do not. Your body is a total system and even if it doesn't work the same muscle groups which is a hard thing to do with the big 3/4. If you focus on one lift significantly more than the others you will have to put the others on standby.


Exactly. Think nervous system, mot muscle group.

Also, if you can bench and deadlift on Monday, the only way you will be ready to bench again on Wednesday and deadlift again on Friday for PRs is through some really good drugs.


I think that there are two answer to this really, yes those who have already said about the CNS that is definitely true, but at the same time you have to consider the actual muscle recovery as well, if he's talking about 1RM PR's then yeh it will probably not work that way, but if you're talking about higher rep PR's for the bench then yeh you will recover faster from that and be ready to 'PR' again sooner than for deadlifts. Anyway that's my take on it, and personal experience dictates that you recover for certain lifts faster than others