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Question about Push/Pull Meets


does anyone try to excel in push/pull meets only? or is everyone more concerned with the full powerlifting meet? i think i enjoy push/pull meets more than anything else. what's your opinon?


I take Squatting over Pulling any day so I wouldn't be to interested in that but, to each his own.


The squat is my weakpoint, which is why I only want to do full power meets.


My first meet back after knee surgery was push/pull. If that's what you enjoy the most, do it. You should be powerlifting because you enjoy it, after all.


This was a very profound statement.

I've found that no matter what you do, someone will find a way of ridiculing you on the internet for it.


Personally, I am the opposite. I would deadlift any day over squatting. :slight_smile:


And I would squat and deadlift in the same day, any day, over benching.


I would opt for a Squat/Pull meed :slight_smile:


So, so true.


I would go to one without hesitation! Long arms (my elbows are at the same level as my hip bones) combined with bad shoulders make benching not so much fun for me. I'd much rather see Strict Press (with or without a clean) brought back into powerlifting and get rid of bench. Also, squatting is a natural movement, deadlifting is a natural movement, but benching? Not so much. A press, on the other hand, is much more natural. Kind of off topic...