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Question About Purchasing Online


I don’t know which forum to post this in, so my apologies if this is the wrong spot!

I was prescribed some medications by my VA doc, and I am trying to see if I can instead buy generic versions that are cheaper online with his consent/script.

I came across e_drug_store,

Is this a legitimate website? I have looked into some online ones in Canada, which will honor my doctor’s script, but the aforementioned site offers meds cheaper.

Thanks for anyone’s input, and I apologize if this is an inappropriate question!

The cost of my medications are very high, and I have a family with other expenses to consider!


Im pretty sure there is an FDA website that outlines what to look for.


Well, this would get a little long winded, but I’ll TRY to be brief.

If I go to the VA hospital, I get ALL my personal meds for free. My 3 daughters and wife still have copays though.

I take some meds–Celexa, Wellbutrin, Synthroid, Testosterone-- which if I get from the VA’s pharmacy, are free. The problem is this: the VA is constantly giving you meds from different manufacturers. All I want is for the manufacturer to stay the same, because certain meds DO have an enormous difference in potency and side effects from name brand to generic, and from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, Wellbutrin (a name brand drug,) offsets the E.D. caused by my Celexa…but generic Wellbutrin (bupropion,) does NOT. I have 3 daughters, 2 on the Autism Spectrum. They need to take name brand Concerta, because the generic simply has almost no effect.

Ok, so this means I need to pay $200 a month on Concerta (because the VA wont pay ANY of the cost if it’s name brand,) and I have to pay out of pocket for the name brand drug Wellbutrin.
The VA cannot give me a consistent manufacturer of Synthroid, and as many can attest, there is a huge difference between the different versions of this drug’s efficacy. I have to pay out of pocket for THAT, another $100 a month. My doc agreed that taking Arimidex would be a good idea, but the VA will not allow him to prescribe it for lowering my Estradiol, because it is “not typical endocrinology protocol,” and so on…

I was trying to find online pharmacies which would have a CONSISTENT manufacturer for generic and name brand medications, but as cheaply as possible (wink, wink,) that’s why I asked about that one specific website.

But like I said, I understand that may not be an acceptable topic here.

I just didn’t know where to look to get what I needed for myself and my family.

It stinks that some meds have to cost so d@mn much.

Thanks for reading guys.


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Yes, I do know that, but I’m looking for pharmacies perhaps outside the US.

Google secure tabs 2016 see if you can find some relief.

Yeah, the VA definitely buys from the lowest bidder. But, so does my hometown pharmacy. I think it will tough to find one that consistently uses the same manufacturer if you do not go brand name.
Sorry I couldn’t be if more help. I have fought this battle for my parents, and didn’t win.