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Question About Prilepin Chart, Box Squats and Deadlift

Hello CT,

I would have a question about the preplin chart and box squats, and maximize deadlift “gains”:

1.) how does it change the recommendations of the preplin chart (in terms of total volume) when you perform a second exercise similar exercise to the first one ?
(I have read your “mini” article in your log about the preplin chart)

Example: You do front squats with 80% for 5 sets of 3.(According to the table 10-20 reps with 15 optimal and 2-4 reps.)

After that you do normal squats again with 80%. Do you still do 5*3 ?

Other example:
Wide Grip Bench 75% 5 sets of 4 reps
Close Grip Bench ? What now ? Still a total of 20 reps ?
Incline Bench ?? How does a third exercises similar to the others change in term of reps/sets ?

2.) When you perform box squats(or normal squats) your upper body starts to lean forward. In the beginning your upper body is in a 90 degree and when you hit the box you are maybe in 70 degree or whatever with your upper body.

When you now sit on the box should you straighten your body to 90 degree again or remain in the 70 degree ? And than stand up ?

3.) If i train based on the westside template and use their basic system, would you do on speed day still speed squats if my main goal is a big deadlift and bench ?

"Normal ":
-Speed squats
-Speed Pulls

For maximum deadlift:

  • speed pulls
  • Assistance

However I still use the squat as an important exercise for 6-10 reps to build muscle and for 3-5 reps to build strength.

Thanks in advance CT, would be great if you could give me your input.