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Question about Powerlifting Meets


Does everyone in the meet squat once before everyone squats a 2nd time?
Or does one weight class do all 3 squat attempts before the next weight class squats?

Does everyone finish squatting before the bench press starts?



It depends on the meet and how many people are in it. If you have 15 people in a meet obviously they all do the first attempt before anybody does a second.
But from what I know from the meet I was in, we were too many people to do it that way so we were separated to 2 groups by weight class. All till 90kg and 100kg+ and when the first group did all 3 attempts while the second one warmed up, and then they squatted and the first group warmed up for the bench


Depends on the meet. Contact the meet director and see how he is running the show. Some meets are huge and certain weight classes go on certain days, some meets are smaller and can do everyone in one day.

If it's a small meet, everyone will do their first attempts before they cycle back to the second attempts. It's not based on weight class, but weight on the bar. If you're the strongest 100lber in the world and open with an 1200lb squat, you'll be the last guy to squat for openers. After all 3 attempts, then it moves on to bench.