Question about Poop

Well all I have a bit of a different question for you all pertaining to yours and my poop. As I am sure we have all done, occasionally you take a gander into the toilet and witness the greatness that one has laid into the porcelian god, and have seen that it either floats or does not float. The question is what makes poop float or sink once it leaves your body?
I remember hearing that it might have something to do with your current diet and what kind of nutrients you may be flushing out, or if you are losing weight and are flushing out some unneeded fats or waste that has been up there a while.
I know that this all might seem like a silly question to most but does anyone out there really know why poop will sink or float?

Any organic material floats, so it would depend on the amount of that is in there. If you eat stuff like volcanic sand to scrub everything out it would probably sink.

Bouyancy. If the poop displaces water that weighs more for the given volume than the poop itself it floats. If it weighs more than the water it displaces it will sink. Keep in mind that the Ivory soap is so pure it floats thing really is a load of poop, since some poop also floats and I wouldn’t wash with it.

hold on a sec let me catch my breath from laughing…i honestly have no clue, but this was just to funny a thread not to post on! poop away young skypooper!!!

We have a African Grey Parrot and he lets out a “karate scream” every time he takes a dump (in our household, the PC term is “doodle”). It’s pretty funny, he even takes a look back at his “accomplishment” and let’s out the scream (he sounds like Bruce Lee). Ko even taught him to ask people “Did you poop?”

Yeah, means nothing, but I'm proud of our "kid's" accomplishments. So, I'm bragging.

i believe most of it is based on your fiber intake, and I have heard the general rule is “floaters not sinkers” …haha

the more fat in your diet the more likely it is to float. I can’t waite to see other people reply.

Most (97%) of mine are sinkers. My diet is usually around 40-30-30.

The ideal “poop” should float and it should leave you without any discomfort in any way. Also the less toilet paper you need to use the better the poop…lol

fat floats. if your fecal matter floats you eat(by today’s standards mind you) “too much fat.” of course if you are smart you eat more good fats than the average joe smoe anyway so i dunno if it is bad

uh-oh. Now you guys are going to make me paranoid. So, why does my poop sink? I’m healthy as a horse!

Barry Sears (Zone diet fame and one of the original promoters of fish oil) talks a lot about poop and has his athletes or clients report on there poop each day in order to constantly optimize diet. I think he said that if diet is ideal, poop will be neutrally boyant (neither sink or float…like a submarine I think). He said it is determined by ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats in diet. I can’t remember for sure, but think if it sinks…too much Omega-3 and if it floats…too much Omega-6. Or is it the other way around? I don’t worry too much about it because I just want to get rid of it.

ive also heard floaters are good…

If you eat a lot of fiber, you will find that your poop will be more likely to sink than to float…you will also find yourself assulting the porcelain (sp?) much more frequently than you usually do.

Does anyone know if pooping frequency is directly related to metabolism i.e. the faster your metabolism, the more frequently you poop?
Also, how long does it take for the food you put in your mouth to end up becoming poop?

Why is it that I eat 5 times a day and poop once a day…and my dog eats once a day an poops 3-4 times a day???

I never could figure that one out.

You know that I couldn’t let this one go, Grizza. I think that this should have been posted in the off-topic section. I would have found your post much earlier. It is all about my convenience.
Therefore, I must say, I feel rather ill thinking about your defecation. Come back over to the off-topic section and we can talk about how bad the Democratic party has been for morality in this country. Or we can talk about how irritating the French government has been since 1945. That’s fun. Defecate is not.

although i dont know, through what ive witnessed metabolism has either nothing to do with frequency of defacation, or your theory is reversed. i have two friends who eat the worst foods all the time (ie chips, fast food, etc), dont gain an ounce of weight, and crap once a day. i am very endomorphic, and have a very slow metabolism, yet i drop the kids off at the pool about 3 times. obviously theres no way to tell if im right or wrong, but feel free to do a study on defacation frequency if you’d like!!

Poops are quite dynamic. Some poops are all the same color. Some poops are the normal texture(a poopy squishy texture), while others are a bit harder. When poops are harder, they generally cause pain when being excreted.

The main rule when taking a poopy, is if it shoots out hard enough to make a whale of a splash, your diet is well balanced, and you should be proud of your grade ‘A’ quality poopy(Otherwise known as “Brown Torpedoes”). Grade ‘F’ Poopy usually include “Old Stinkys”, and “Juicy Niagras.” What grade of poopy do YOU excrete?

The kinda-hard no-wipers are the best!

When I was on the Massive Eating diet, I once made one about a foot-and-a-half long and once two foot-longs (although not as thick) AND some for a total of about 2 lbs!

What is your record?