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Question About Pizza Nutritional Value


Is pizza alright to eat..i really like pizza...i dont eat it very often...mayb once every month n a half...but it doesnt seem to be too bad nutritional wise...and the pizza at this place isnt too greasy or anything like that...its like perfect.

But yeah how does pizza fair on the alright/nutrional side of food?



It depends what your goals are. If you're skinny and looking to build mass, pizza can certainly fit into your eating plan. If you're like me, however, and easily put on weight, pizza occupies the "very rarely consumed" category in my diet.


I have a great homemade pizza that is a cheat but not too far off especially if you eat it post work out....let me know if you want it.


It would be nice if someone was able to make a whole wheat dough.

I think the dough is probably the worst part as far as being over-processed and containing a lot of flour.

Depending on what kind of meat (if any) you use, it could start to get real greasy pretty quickly.

The cheese might not be the best thing either, but like what zdrax said, it depends on your goals and your metabolism.


Lol, every month and a half?? I don't think you have to worry. I remember Berardi saying he used it as his cheat food and packed away a large one to himself every saturday night.


Ditto. Eating anything besides rat poison with a Drano chaser every 6 weeks isn't going to affect you.


I just got a few PMs for this so here goes...

Whole Wheat Dough

1 PKG Dry Yeast
1 Cup Very Warm Water
1 TBSP Honey
2 1/2 - 3 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

Add yeast to the warm water, add honey, stir and let stand 10 minutes. Add the flour and work the dough into a ball. Cover and let rise 45 minutes. I usuallly turn my oven on 200, let it heat up and then turn it off. Rises pretty quickly covered....


Fresh, very ripe tomatos, minced garlic and chopped onions....Saute them all in olive oil.....

Use whatever you want for toppings. I made the best combo. the other day. I added pesto to the tomato mixture. Then I slightly wilted baby spinach (In the same pan the tomatoes were cooked in) and layered it over thinly sliced chicken breast. Topped it with goat cheese. It was awesome!


I'd like that recipe if you wouldn't mind.

Er, nevermind.


I have pizza once or twice a week while bulking (not a huge amount) and it does fine for me. The worst thing about most types of pizza is the massive amount of carbs.

If you're looking for whole wheat crust try the dough balls at Trader Joe's. The usually carry white, wheat, and something flavored.


Holy macgregor that sounds good!


You shuold check around at any health food stores in your area which may carry bread. Some of the bakeries that bake bread for them make pizza dough aswell. Ive gotten wholewheat and spelt dough before and theyre both pretty decent actually.


Mmmmmmmm. It was!


Are you fat? If you are, no pizza for you, lard-ass. If you're not, why are you asking this question? People on this site can obsess about micro-managing their diets. Pro-bodybuilders don't even do that, except in the run-up to a show. Gee a pizza once or twice a month isn't going to hurt you, unless you're dieting.


I make my own pizza. Take a whole wheat pita,fat free tomato sauce,some lean turkey(the type I use has one gram of fat),and some green peppers with some fat free cheese. Pop in the microwave or oven and it's done. It tastes really good and keeps you on your nutrition plan.


Papa Johns Italiian Meat pizza is best w/ garlic sauce and a pepper


What I honestly don't get...is the question. Are people, when GAINING, micromanaging their diets to such a degree that they are really worried if a pizza once a month will throw their progress off? When I played ball, we used to hit CiCi's pizza up almost once a week or every other week and stay until they simply got pissed at us taking FULL advantage of the buffet. Unless you are truly overweight and/or inactive, the average active healthy guy who lifts weights consistently shouldn't be this worried about calories. Calories are those things that help you grow.


Oh man..Can you imagine the Prof at your buffett?? Last time I went to a buffett I put away 5 plates... I don't even want to know what the Prof puts down.


What causes the main problem with eating pizza is alot of times you have that adult beverage with it. So you will not process the hugh amount of food until the Alchohol is processed by your body. I like a large Chicken pizza after a killer session of DL's.



Go buy John Berardi's cookbook! It has 2 post-workout pizza recipes! They are very good, especially when craving pizza. the crust is more of a thin crust, but its worth it if you are trying to stay healthy!


Well then, I'm just going to eat all the pizza I can :). lol