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Question About Perfect 10 Program


Hi everyone,

I have a few questions about Waterbury's "Perfect 10" program:


1) I understand the eccentric should not be more than 2 seconds -- but should there be a one second pause during each part of the lift?

2) The program says:
"Perform for one or two body parts. Choose one exercise for each body part, each day."

To take an example, on Day 3, one should do:

Sets: 6
Reps: 3
Rest: 70s (70seconds)
Load: 6RM 6 reps max)

Does this mean one should do 6 sets for the one muscle, plus 6 sets for another muscle every day? Or rather, 3 sets per one muscle, plus 3 sets per another muscle every day?

3) What does "RM" mean?

Does this mean I should pick a weight that I could do 6 sets of, for 3 reps each? Or does it mean that I should do three reps per set, changing the amount of weigh per set?

I know this is a stupid question -- but what can I say, I'm ignorant!

4) How close to failure should I go on each exercise? Should I go to failure some days and not others?

He doesn't specify going to failure until week 6, if I am reading it properly.

Thank you!


1)You dont need to pause necessarily, just keep the weight under control

2)6 sets of 3 reps for each muscle, so say 6 sets of dumbbell extensions and 6 sets of curls

3)RM=repetition maximum or something close to that. Choose a weight that you can only lift 6 times in good form.

4) You are going to be generally avoiding failure on the given lifts, except for when told to on certain days. Those days say like 1x15 15RM taken to concentric failure. Good luck