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Question about Nolva Dose

So, I did a cycle for 16 weeks, 500mg test E/wk, the last 8 weeks I did 75mg of anavar/day. I took legit, prescribed adex during the cycle at 1mg/day some of the time and 1mg/EOD depending on what I felt I needed. I couldn’t keep the EOD dosage for the whole cycle bc I would start to experience estrogen side-effects and needed to increase it.

I’ve had low estrogen before and that dosage definitely didn’t cause me to have low estrogen. Now, I’m 3 weeks since my last injection of Test E. and I had been taking Nolvadex at 40mg/day. After taking this and not taking the adex for a week and a half I began to notice the beginning of some gyno/sensitivity.

I know you should not take adex during PCT because it inhibits production of estrogen and you want to allow your levels to come back naturally. My question is 60mg/day of Nolvadex too high of a dose? And because my cycle was longer, should I expect to run the PCT longer? I was planning the basic 4 week plan, 40mg/day for 2 weeks;20mg/day for 2 weeks, but it doesn’t seem like that’s enough for me.

Do you think continuing PCT for another 3-4 weeks would be advisable running 40mg/day for 2 more weeks, or 60mg if I continue to have sensitivity, and then taper down to 20mg the last 2 weeks?


Adex is available to me if anyone thinks that would be a good idea, although it’s an AI and I have only used it to combat the extra sides since PCT has started. I did not plan on taking it during PCT, but I can if I need to. My testicles are back to normal, even feeling enlarged a bit, but I just seem to be estrogen-sensitive.

You took 1 mg of adex a day?! How do you know that dose didn’t cause low e did you get blood work?

[quote]BUDs wrote:
You took 1 mg of adex a day?! How do you know that dose didn’t cause low e did you get blood work?[/quote]

I did some of the time when I was getting side effects from 1mg EOD - like, 1mg EOD wasn’t enough for the whole cycle. I didn’t take 1mg ED the whole time or even for very extended periods of time, but I did do 1mg/day when I would get sides taking the EOD dose. It happened like 3 or 4 times and I would take 1mg/day for a few days and everything would clear up and I would go back to EOD.

What are your stats?
1mg EOD is pretty high for 500mg of test even if you’re sensitive to gyno.
Like BUDs said, how do you know that didn’t cause your low E, do you have before blood work to confirm?

You say you had low estrogen before??? naturally low?, generally a dose of 1mg of adex EOD would be used if you’re prone to gyno, not having low E


I had low estrogen from taking letro in the past - that’s what I’m referencing. I don’t have naturally low estrogen (AFAIK… no bloodwork I’ve ever gotten has indicated that), but I have shown signs of sensitivity to estrogen (I am prone to gyno as I mentioned). I have not gotten any bloodwork done recently.

My question is not about adex, it’s about nolvadex and Post-Cycle Therapy. I was taking 40mg of nolvadex/day for 2-3 weeks and in that time I was starting to have some gyno-sensitivity… what causes gyno? high estrogen. So, I’m asking if I should maybe take 60mg/day of nolvadex? (because I don’t want to take adex during PCT… all I was trying to say was that I CAN take it, that I have it and I have taken it). Or, if bc my cycle was longer, should I plan for a longer PCT?

The adex shit is in the past, I’m not worried about that… I’m trying to figure out what I should do for my PCT.

Curious to why you had low E while taking letro in the past??? during cycle, post cycle???
based on your recent cycle there is no reason why a typical 40/40/20/20 PCT wouldn’t suffice, especially with E symptoms after doing 1mg EOD of Adex, and yes the adex dosage matters

You could be experiencing some estrogen rebound you could try bumping up the Nolva for a bit and see if that helps. I generally always run a low dose AI during pct and even a few weeks after. If it were me and I ran a 16 week cycle I would run pct a week or two longer.

On another note, do you know for sure your AI and SERM are legit? Or underdosed?