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Question About New More Concentrated Testogel

Hi there.

It seems Besins is no longer making Testogel 50mg sachets and is instead making a pump dispenser.

My usual sachet dose of testosterone was 50mg in 5 grams of gel.

I just used the pump dispenser for the first time today.

One pump = 20.25mg of testosterone, so today, rather than using 2 pumps for 40.5mg of testosterone, I used 3 pumps for 60.75mg testosterone.

I’ll get new blood work in 4 weeks to see if 60.75mg testosterone is ok & not too much.

My question is about the concentration of the new Testogel.

The old Testogel was 50mg in 5 grams of gel.

The pump formula is 81mg in 5 grams of gel.

Simply put, today I only had to apply 3.75 grams of gel to my skin versus normally 5 grams.

What effect will this likely have on my hormones?

My understanding is - less skin covered in gel = less aromatise receptors covered in gel = less T—>E2.

Also less T—>DHT.

Is that correct? What other effects could it have, please?

Thanks guys