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Question About Needles and Mixing Substances


So I plan to run a cycle which involves injecting the following every 3 days;

trenbolone enanthate 125mg/1.25ml
sustanon 250mg/1ml
hcg 250iu/0.1ml

My question is can I mix all these in the same injection and if so which needle would be best, least damage as I plan to inject into quads throughout cycle?


I would inject the hcg subq and mix the other two for an im injection
For quads I would use a 1รข?? 27g


Cheers mate, I dunno how keen I am on the subq since reading up on it, how do you do it out of interest?

As far as doses / frequency go and the choices of substance does this seem like good first cycle to you?

so 1 inch 27 gauge for the quad what needle for the subq?


It does not seem like a good first cycle. Tren is a very potent steroid that can have a lot of side effects; as such its rarely recommended for a first time cycle because a first time user isn't as prepared for dealing with sides. Secondly, the enanthate ester means that its going to be present in your body for a while. If you do experience bad sides, tough shit. You'll have to ride them out for a couple of weeks due to the long estered tren. Most people who are starting out with tren use tren acetate so that if they experience harsh sides they can quit quickly. But I still wouldn't recommend that for a first cycle. Get a cycle or two with test, maybe an oral under your belt to figure out how your body responds to them. You'll be glad you did in the long run.

Also, I really don't see many 1" 27ga needles out there. Thats not to say they don't exist, I just don't see them. You can either use a 25ga 1" needle or if you're fairly lean, you can get away with 29ga insulin needles. You should also use 29ga insulin needles for the subq HCG shots.

Also, FYI, subq shots are (in my experience) much less painful than an IM shot.


Cheers PulsedEE -- I have had a couple of oral only cycles a few years back but did not rate them or keep any gains, never pinned before though. I'm really struggling to put a first cycle together because on one thread someone says "take a look at tren" next thread someone says "don't take tren"

Same with the needles I said will 25g 1inch be ok everyone was like use a 27 now you say these are virtually unavailable haha.

Not having a pop as I am grateful for the response and help just want to get a solid cycle together I may not do anymore so want to get most out of first one.

So can someone explain subq because at first I thought this was just in same place as IM with shorter needle but then people started going on about doing it into stomach with skin folded which sounds rank haha


Oh and for the tren / sust whatever I pin IM if I go 25G is 5/8inch ok or does it need to be 1 inch?


You can mix all 3 in the same shot, HCG can go IM as well.

So far as needle size depending on how much fat you have there 1 to 1 1/2 inch long, gauge is up to you id suppose, the smaller the less uncomfortable.

Also my first cycle contained tren and I didn't die, but I did accumulate prolactin to an extent.


I personally would not recommend to run tren enan without having ran tren ace beforehand to see how you do on it.


cheers c.m.l

So a 5/8 inch one is no good?
What do you mean by you accumulated prolactin mate?


Do these seem ok and is it all I'll need??

BD Microlance 3 Needles Orange 25G x 1 Inch x 100
Sterets Pre Injection Swabs x 100
5 x Large Cotton Wool Balls (Sterile) x 20 bags
3M Micropore Tape - 1.25cm x 10m
Spirigel Alcohol Hand Gel 500ml
Ansell Sterile Dispos-a-Glove Synthetic x 100
BD Luer Lok 3ml Syringe x 10