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Question about Needing a PCT After a Cycle While on TRT

Quick question that I hope someone can answer.

Im a currently on trt at
-300mg/wk Test E and
-2 mg of Anastrozole

I plan on adding in a 12 wk stack of
-300mg/ every 5 days of Tren E
-300mg/ every 5 days of Mast E
-.25mg/wk if Gaber

After the 12 week stack I plan on just going back to my normal trt plan
Since I will continue to be on Test E with the anastrozole, do I still need to run any PCT after the 12 wk tren and mast stack?

Thanks in advance for any help with this

No you just go back to your TRT. PCT is only for folks trying to get their natural test back. That’s an odd dosing for TRT what do your labs look like? How do you feel?

Is this your first cycle?

Just curious, were you expecting to see different advice in Pharma than you got in the the T-Replacement forum? It’s mostly the same guys. We’re all going to tell you not to bother and then ask why you’re taking so much anastrozole.

That’s a very high trt dose. Is that prescribed or self-administered?

Its prescribed.

Lol, I don’t know. This is my first ever post. I actually accidentally double posted bc I didn’t think my first post went through sine I had just signed up. But yeah, just wanted some other insight. Regardless, Im gonna do some more research myself.

These are my results as of last week. I honestly feel great. No issues right now whatsoever.

It shows you created a post in the TrT section of these forums. You can look at your account as see the number of topics created. Maybe you created one and it was moved to the appropriate section.

How long have you been on Trt? I would expect your doctor to be reducing your T dosage after seeing your blood work. How many cycles have you completed? What is the deal with that huge amount of AI? You are going to catch a case of the flat dick with that amount.

Ok so as expected your T is very high and E2 is too low. Also you HDL is low probably due to all the Arimadex. Suggest you lower the T dose and drop the AI until you get follow up labs. 200mg is usually the tippy top anybody needs for actual TRT.

Regarding your first cycle try running a high dose of T with possibly an oral like dbol, anavar, or tbol.

I’m currently on a TRT plan have been for about 8 months now

-300mg/wk Test E
-2mg/wk Anastrozole

I’m planning to start a 12 wk stack of

-300mg/ every 5 days of Tren E
-300mg/ every 5 days of Mast E
-.25mg/wk of Gaba

My question is after the 12 week stack do I need any sort of PCT?
I will still be on my TRT plan after the stack with the Test and Anastrozole

Thanks in advance for any help

PCT is done when stopping testosterone or AAS.

TRT is for life assuming you have hypogonadism which is a disease requiring medical intervention, you never stop unless you wish to return to a disease state.

Understood. I understand the main purpose for a PCT is to get your own body’s T production back up and running which I won’t need since I will continue with the TRT. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything I was missing that I should take after I get done with the Tren/Mast stack. I appreciate your response

Correct, I plan on being on TRT for life. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything else that I should be taking. Thanks

you need to see a knowleghable dr. your trt dose is not trt, that is a low level steroid cycle. If you do that for life it could come with complications.

Thanks. It is currently prescribed by a reputable Urologist. I doubt that he will keep me here forever but as for now he has me at this dose. I have my levels routinely tested and besides a high Test level am within normal limits of all other segments.

You may be in “normal limits” for other things but you are using 2mg arimidex to achieve that. You are adding a drug that is more than likely not needed if you were not on such a high dose. Arimidex should not be used unless absolutely needed IMO.

Well, thats the idea… to use medication to keep you hormone levels in the normal range. Even at 100mg of test a week an AI might be needed to keep estrogen levels normal depending on the individual. Either way, I appreciate your response but the main question for this post was to ask if there is anything else needed that I should take after the tren/mast stack in addition to keeping on my trt treatment.

Have you used tren before?

No. I’ve done a cycle w test/deca before. But its been about 3 years since.