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Question about Natural MG Production & TRT MG

Average guy produces 4-7mg a day. So at the higher end, he produces around 50mg a week and has high testosterone levels. So how comes, when you take 125mg of Testosterone Enanthate per week (without ester weight 88mg pure testosterone) most guys here still have blood levels in the normal range? Considering they inject frequently too, so blood levels are relatively stable throughout the week. Shouldnt you mathematically have blood levels way above normal range on average, and not the other way round, no matter on which day you take the blood test, given frequent injections?

Comments on a couple things here.

So that is average range, which results in average testosterone levels. If we are talking about a statistical range (95% of the population) it would be closer to 3-10 mg/day, with the guys making 8-- 10 mg/day being the high normal guys. That is closer to 70 mg/wk on the high end.

They usually are high normal, if:

If they do a once a week injection, that makes a big difference on TT at the end of the week. You can play around a bit on steroid plotter to see.

Here is twice a week injections:

Once a week:

Once a week give a higher peak, but also a lower trough. The difference in trough levels is about 36% higher with twice a week vs once a week. When people do EOD or ED, the difference in trough levels is significant.

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