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Question about Nandrolones

So, a few years ago I did a series of short cycles (2 on/4 off) of tren a/test p/mast p (totaled 1050mg/wk). Saw some good gains, but also saw the usual tren sides - night sweats, shitty cardio, and tren dick (which cleared a month or so after the last shorty). I was using Vit E, P5P, and SamE (fairly high doses of all) as my anti-prolactin - didn’t work as well as I had hoped. Long story short, I liked the gains on tren, but the sides were more than I care to deal with again.

Some time later, I picked up some MHN (methylhydroxynandrolone) to try (it’s an oral). Took it for a few weeks with tbol (no, not scared of needles, orals are easier for me to carry when I travel), didn’t notice much difference from tbol alone, but saw an odd side effect. The glands around my nipple swelled and hardened - don’t think it was visually noticeable (I couldn’t see it), but could definitely feel it. Odd thing - only on the right side. Stopped taking it, after a couple days glands went back to normal. Tried the stuff again some time later, same thing, stopped taking it and eventually flushed what was left.

EDIT: I used deca in my first cycle, back in 99 with no issues.

So, to my question (finally…) - I can get deca legally when travelling, and thought about doing a cycle with some test. Given my previous reactions to nandrolones, I’m thinking I probably shouldn’t mess with it but thought I’d ask on here to see if maybe I’m being overly cautious (not necessarily a bad thing with these things). Along same question, if cabaser were available would that change anyone’s opinions? (assuming anyone has one/or cares)

Sounds like a personal choice to me. But I would do the venture with NPP, that way it can clear faster.

I guess the question is, do you think I would have similar reactions to deca now?

Not necessarily, it depends on how much you want to use. Start low, go from there, like the trt dose of deca which is around 100 or so