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Question about Myostat

I know I have been asking a lot of questions on here, but you are the most knowledgable people I know… Anyway, I was wondering about the Myostat. I have been taking 4 capsules per day for the past month, and I was wondering how do we know when it is working or not. I know it is supposed to help creat new muscle fibers thus making us bigger and stronger, but how do I know if it is the Myostat or the Mag-10/Tribex/M cycles? Please let me know what I am supposed to look for. Is there anything in particular I wil notice? You have always been very helpful, and i thank you in advance for your responses.

I have been taking 4 Myostat capsules per day in conjunction with appr. 4 scoops of Pinnacles Juiced Protein. I am assuming that there is no specific point in time when we are going to know that it is definitely working. The process of new muscle growth is very slow. I am banking that consistent myostat supplementation, hard training, and good dieting will yield permanant gains in the long run. After 3-4 months of use I wouldn’t be unhappy with a gain of 1lb per month, because in the long run, that’s 12 pounds a year, pretty good for being permanant gains.

Based on the feedback I’ve seen, both on the forum and e-mails sent to Biotest, the first sign it’s working is growth in “stalled” muscles or muscle groups that you haven’t seen grow in a while. I’ve heard several people mention calves, which is the first place I noticed had been “revived”.

The most important thing is that you should (slowly, but surely) push past any plateau or genetic limit. If you are not at this point, then it may be tough to tell. This may be why Tim Patterson tells me that most of the positive feedback he’s getting is from competitive bodybuilders. These guys and gals are very aware of any change in their bodies and many of the natural lifters are certainly “peaked”. I think Tim said he has pics of a female bodybuilder who’s reported great results and he may post them in “Behind the Scenes”, if we can ever get him to sit down and finish one! :slight_smile:

I agree it’s hard to tell with this supplement because it takes a while for the results to accumulate. It’s certainly not a supplement for those who “want it all and want it now”. I’d suggest MAG-10 to those folks if they can only afford one supplement. But if it helps us get to a point where we could not have reach before, however slowly, then it’s worth it.

(You know, if Biotest wanted to be sleazy, they could put Myostat in something that contained creatine. That way the impatient people would get some immediate feedback - even if it was just water gain initially. A certain company that would sue me for mentioning their name does this with their protein powder, only they list the chemical name so it’s hard for most people to spot the sleazy trick.)

Anyway, watch those calves!