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Question about Myostat

Considering that Myostat is not 100% effective at blocking all of the myostatin gene, but moreso, can “neutralize it,” would taking more Myostat be more effective than say the regular dose? E.g.: say I took 5 times the dose a day, would it be 5 times as effective? Would it neutralize maybe 50% over maybe 10% of the myostatin? Is this even recommended? Thanks.

More probably isn’t better. Stick to the label. If you MUST spend more money, use MAG-10 with it in appropriate cycles as Tim suggested.

I’m sorry if this has been answered but how long does a bottle of Myostat last (at rec dosage)?

Come on man, if you’d just read the articles, you’d know this stuff. 3 bottles = 60 days. 1 bottle = 20 days. 40 pills/bottle therefore 2 pills a day. That should answer any dosage questions.