Question About My Workout & Timing?

Hey guys,

Question about my workout days and whether I stay anabolic or not but yeah. I have a “weight lifting” class every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesdays we do chest and back, Wednesdays legs and shoulders and Fridays arms and chest.

On Saturdays I go to the gym myself and do legs and shoulders again and then Monday do arms and legs. Should I just cut out Monday and Saturday and just do legs and shoulders again on Sunday instead? I don’t want to overtrain, but I also don’t want to not workout enough and just get mostly fat during my bulk

Thanks guys, appreciate it a bunch.

You have to rest as well.

Are you eating.

Id stick to the three days see what it brings you BUST ass heal and recover and EAT


Yea i agree with Phil…Your still a beginner, so get used to handling the weights and make sure you eat and rest…what you do outside of the gym is really more important than what you do in the gym…just make sure, for that 1-2 in the gym its 110% effort and intensity…dont fuck around…as you start to feel more comfortable than id say go for an extra day or 2 on your own…good luck bro, keep it up, results will come fast for ya…get after that protein too!

I’m eating a lot, feel like I am eating too much too quickly though, but hey, it’s all good

I’m seeing a shrink, doctor, AND nutritionalist. (nutritionalist tomorrow)
Hopefully we can work something out with my anorexia problems and I can conquer this once and for all

I noticed my squat is going up (maybe just that I am getting my form down better now?) Anyways, I maxed out with 45’s on each side for 5 today, and leg press 180, guessing the push thing weighs 40? so 220, pretty happy with that.

Tomorrow’s chest, my max bench has gone up, and I hope to reach 130 for 3 tomorrow on bench, I’ll bust my ass for sure.