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Question about my T Level

I inject 50mg T Cyp twice weekly.
My labs below are on the morning before next shot. If this is my trough level how much higher do you think it shoots up 24 to 48hrs post injection.

Thinking of lowering dose to decrease Hairloss. Plus I’m red as a beat in the gym, which I’m sure is from high T levels.
Upper arms, chest, face.

Total T
924 (348-1197)

Free T
19.1 (6.8-21.5)

I’ve been taking Neo40 nitric oxide supplement and my Free T level has jumped from 12 to 19.

Appreciate all the great help and info on this form.


Why not test halfway between injections? Are you testing for E2? If so, post those results. Are you taking an AI? Hcg? Are you sure the supp has helped raise the FT? Im not.

No chance that increases ft levels, it’s more likely a timing problem or a change in protocol.

Pinning twice a week will lead to stable levels and the peaks and troughs are negligible so we can be pretty sure that these levels are actually your levels. You should test E2 as it may have something to do with your symptoms.

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E2 Sensitive results were: 33 (8-35 range)

Thanks for the feedback, I thought twice a week pins would
still cause peaks and valleys.

I am not taking an AI. Nervous that I’ll get same bad reaction as first
2.5mg dose…Chest pain and heartburn. I have recently went through
every cardiac workup at Mayo Clinic and my heart is perfect.

Thanks for the feedback

If you don’t control E2 you will never feel better. High E2 is associated with low libido, ED, fat gains, gyno just to mention a few.

What AI were you taking at 2.5mg?

At 100mg of T cyp you should probably be taking 1mg/week of anastrozole.

I took 2.5mg Arimidex

That is likely to have crashed your e2. Arimidex/anastroxozole is not to be used as an SOS medicine, you will have to find a dose to be a part of your protocol and stay on that. If you don’t take a dose or increase a dose, then you’re only dealing with guesswork. As Nashtide suggested, typically 1mg a week, 0.5 mg on the day of injections if injecting twice a week seems to be the dose that works best but one can be an under or an over responder and changes will need to be made on the basis of symptoms and bloodwork together. Once you find a sweet spot, I would advise to not change anything in the protocol.

Yes, 2.5mg of adex is about the dose most guys take in 21/2 weeks! So WAY too much.

Managing E2 is one of those things that most guys have to figure out themselves. We can type until we are blue in the face, but each guy has to come to this reality in their own time. E2 is the key to feeling great. I hope you’ll get that and take action. Nothing left for us to say.

Sorry for the typo, I took .25mg

Ok, that changes things. Now your problem is above my pay grade. I know you have other options for AI’s, I just have no knowledge on these alternatives.