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Question About My T-Cyp Script Amount


I have been using t-cyp for about 3 years now, 100mg/week. Doc would write script for
6mL (200mg/mL) plus one refill, of course I would get a 10mL (200mg/mL) because they don't make 6mL bottles nor do they carry the smaller vials. Fine. My required appointments are every 6 months, my doc retired last March, new doc wrote me a script for 1 10mL (200mg/mL) no refills, this will cover 20 weeks.

My appointments are every 26 weeks, so WTF! Has there been some new law on writing these scripts since last March? I am in Massachusetts if that makes any difference.
I think the new script said 90 supply, do I just call the doc after 90 days and request another script? Thank you in advance.
(I did call and talk to a nurse after my appointment, but they never got back to me)



it’s state by state, but laws regarding controlled drugs have been changing constantly. In IL as of 5 days ago, you need to pick up your script in person and hand the physical script to your pharmacist if you’re getting anything with hydrocodone in it. No more calling it in, no faxing (even if followed up with the physical script w/in 72 hours).

It’s a royal PITA.


God, I love Florida.

I don’t see why your doctor can’t write you a script for 10ml every 20 weeks. If they are not returning your calls, drive there and give them your piece of mind. You are a paying customer. A doctor should know how to do simple fucking math.


Math skills not there, she wrote a script for 13 needles 3 refills and said I was all set for a year. Hmm… since when are
there 39 weeks in a year (I inject once per week).
Went to pick up my t, CVS wanted to give me 4 1mL vials with one refill. So I’m down to 8mL total for this script.
Something is not right, my script was wrotten for 1 10mL vial no refills.


sounds like you need to have a talk with the doc about how to write a fucking prescription. doc should have no trouble figuring out how to write it so you get a 10ml bottle with refills.

and 13 syringes at a time? that’s whacky too.

have a chat with the doc, explain you have been a responsible patient, never take more than your dose, etc, and tell them to straighten that shit out and stop being so stingy with it.


probably has more to do with what your insurance will provide. My doc used to write for the 10ml vials as well , but then insurance rejected it and said only 4 (1ml) vials at a time with 2 refills on script max (i am fortuante enough to have a script for 200mg a week) So 12 vials / 12 weeks. Then i simply call doc they write it again … it has little to do with the doctor its the damn insurance company and how they specify male TRT

as far as your syringes …getpinz.com get as many as you want


I had another thought, say my dose gets changed to 120mg a week,
(0.6mL) I would have to poke 2 of the 1 mL vials every 2 weeks to get
the correct dose!


I would pay the uncovered difference for a 10mL vial
don’t want to dick around with 1 mL vials.