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Question About My Squatting Stance, One Foot Pointed Out

So today i noticed well i was squatting that my feet kinda of pigeon toe mostly on my left leg . ( See Pic Below) and i just wanted to know if that was normal? I’m only worried cause I’m coming off a Meniscus surgery. I was talking to the trainer at my gym and he’s saying its due to a lack of strength in my butt muscles. Just wondering if you guys agree and if so how can i fix it so i can move on with my training.

Relevant Info: In Aug 2017 i had surgery on my lateral Meniscus on my left knee. Over the past 6 weeks ive started to ramp up my training and try to get back to normal and lose weight and become a beast. Everything has been going well weighs for everything has slowly been increasing.

Any advice would be appreciated.

the direction your toes point will be based on however you set your feet. They can point any direction you want them to, your stance isn’t ‘caused’ by anything outside of how you decide to set your stance.

Are you asking what an optimal stance would be? because that varies widely from person to person.

I believe that the stance that fits the majority of people for squatting is just outside shoulder width, with the toes pointed slightly out. You can go as much as a 30-45 degree angle if you want, just experiment with it a little and see what is comfortable and what doesn’t irritate any previous injuries.


Is your left knee also rotated outwards or just your foot?

I might get some hate for this

but sometimes squatting or deadlifting uneven is ok, I have one leg thats longer than the other so I squat slight staggered. as long as the movement looks smooth and feels right I think your fine


I had my knee rebuilt in november (steel plate and pines)
I have been experimenting with different stance and find the one that allow for best movement.

My feet don’t point exactly the same direction if I don’t set them so. Like, if I walk up to a urinal to pee for example, my right foot naturally points outwards a few more degrees than my left foot.

This could be due to a broken left ankle and a right hip injury, could be something else entirely. When I squat I set them pretty close to identical and it feels fine, same for walking and running.

I’m no medical expert, but this seems to be fairly common.

From memory Dmitry Klokov squats with a staggered stance.
He is a bit of a freak though

Most likely if you have a fucked up/stiff hip you will squat staggered.

I had knee surgeries on both so I can tell you that your body wants you to open your left foot because he wants to use less quads (the more open your feet the more hip/butt activation) to protect your knee. I had to focus for months because of the pain and weakness I would shift my weight to the right etc… but here it doesn’t seem very problematic

I can’t, for the life of me, remember where I read it, but I recently read an article talking about this. Basically, not everyone has the same anatomical shape in both hips. For example, the femur on one side may be more retroverted than the other. Based on anatomy alone, a person may have a different position for each foot. I can’t say if that’s the case with you and I think you should try to be symmetrical, but it’s something to keep in mind before forcing things.


Thank you all for your input! if anyone cares i ended up talking to a strength coach who is family friend, and it was in-fact the way i squat, and its normal, so it was a little bit of a over reaction.

Once again thanks for all your help and input