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Question About My Squat

Hello everybody. This is my first post here. I wanted to ask for your help as what causes this break of form in my squat. I feel it migth be hip weakness or technique problem. I first tougth my back was weak but i can do straigth legged GMs with almost the same weigth so…

Please give some advice :).

I think you just need to keep your chest up a little better. Arch hard into the bar, try and sit your hips a little bit more down and a little less back. Overall it looks like a nice squat, if you just lead with the chest on your way up, you will have an easier time.

Also, that pause in the bottom isn’t helping you at all, because when you fire your hips rise fast and your chest drops. If you keep your chest up and your back tight on the way down and smooth that transition (no pause), I think that will help your problem.

You are using low bar form, with a high bar placement

Chest up, tightness in back. One cue that seems to help some people is head up when the falling over starts. Also, don’t waste so much getting unracked and squatting.

Hey man, nice squat

You took it nice and deep and kept good form. Your pelvis didn’t round at all, even in the bottom position and that’s really good.

Like NK pointed out, that pause in the bottom is killing you and I feel it would have been a much different squat if you would have just gone straight up.

Everyone is pointing out how you’re getting bent over, but what everyone is failing to help you out with is WHY?

The reason you’re getting bent forward is the same reason you can stiff leg good morning that weight, when you come out of the hole, you don’t have the quads you need to stay upright, the bottom to halfway point of the lift is very quad dominant, but yours aren’t where you need them to be, so your butt shoots back to load your glutes and hamstrings.

What your squat needs right now is some front squats, and you have to raise your front squat up to 75-85% of your back squat, when you do that your quads are strong enough to keep you upright and get you out of the hole, and let your glutes and hams take over in the proper position.

Hope that helps

Thanks for helping me out. Ive been doing frontsquats after my squats but i feel theyre weak. I suppose i have to pay some extra attention to my quads now!

The very first part of your body that moves if your chest, and it’s moving straight down. Basically I’m saying the exact same thing that’s already been said: arch hard into the bar and keep your chest up. Arch as hard as you think you can, and then arch harder.

Generally, stop fucking around with the bar so much once you unrack it. You take like seven steps, do some calf presses, have a cup of tea, and then you decide it might be time to squat before finally starting.

Also, it looks like you’re breathing into your chest instead of your stomach, and that might contribute to your chest falling.

He didn’t breath into his chest, he got it into his stomach. He did a “chest up” before descending, which is why it looks like he put his air into his chest. Not much wrong I see except on the way up, you flared your elbows wayyyy back. It was fine up until that point.

EDIT: You fidget a lot at the unrack with your feet. I also noticed you paused? or double dipped in the hole. Not sure what that was for. Your back also starts to flatten a bit more out of the hole. I’m assuming it’s because of that double dip and/or slight pause. You lost tightness.

if your squatting high bar your not supposed to be going that forward, ive had the same thing happen to me and you just lose the groove of the lift, your torso needs to be more upright

[quote]Obisidian wrote:
Generally, stop fucking around with the bar so much once you unrack it. You take like seven steps, do some calf presses, have a cup of tea, and then you decide it might be time to squat before finally starting.

This and the pause/hitch at the bottom are your two biggest problems by far. Get everything set up so that you don’t take more than 3 steps out of the rack and plant your feet into the ground. Unrack. Step back and out with your right foot. Step your left foot into place for a squat. Then you will likely need to widen up a bit with your right foot for a final small step. I counted five steps and then all of the fidgeting. Also, get your chest up before you unrack instead of right before you start the squat.

Other than that it really doesn’t look that bad for a max effort squat. Front squats and safety bar squats if you have access to one will help prevent your hips from rising faster than the bar.